SO…? Sweet Pea Body Mist 100ml

190,00  TL
Soak in the romance with SO…? Sweet Pea Body Mist 100ml. Wrap yourself up with bergamot, peonies and violet. Allow the flirty notes of white flowers, juicy red fruits and delicate musk to tap into your hopeless devotion.

SO…? Rainbow Sorbet Body Mist 100ml

190,00  TL
All So…? Body mist spray are cruelty free and are packaged in recyclable packaging, So…? Fragrance is the #1 best-selling self-select fragrance brand in the UK. Whether you’re the boardroom girl boss, looking for a holiday essential, have pamper night desires or are in a floral Sunday mood - So...? has a range of perfumes, body mists and body care that suits all tastes & budgets., Looking for an easy to wear scent? Look no further than our Body Mist By So..? Range. A perfect scent for that quick fragrance refresh for an all day fix, to make you feel beautiful., Fragrance notes: Fruity, Floral, Mango, Mily, Sandalwood., Each 100ml So…? Rainbow Sorbet Body Mist contains over 650 sprays, representing 44 days' supply based on a 5 sprays 3 times a day. Scent should last for an estimated 6 hours after spraying.

SO…? Wild Berries Body Mist 100ml

190,00  TL
Embrace your passionate side with SO…? Wild Berries Body Mist 100ml. The exhilarating blend of fruity wild berries will leave you yearning for a summer escape.

SO…? Pink Lemonade Body Mist 100ml

190,00  TL
Discover the full Body Mist by So…? collection that ranges from the sweet and fruity, to the fresh and floral.

SO…? Pina Colada Body Mist 100ml

190,00  TL
Release a tropical mixture of creamy coconut and zingy pineapple that will bring you back to summer adventures

SO…? Candy Floss Body Mist 100ml

190,00  TL
Take a trip down memory lane with the SO...? Candy Floss Body Mist 100ml. Revisit the fun of carnivals and fairs with the sugary scent of vanilla, caramel and praline. Treat yourself to the scent of lemon and raspberry for the perfect combination for a sweet night out.

SO…? Fresh Floral Body Mist 100ml

190,00  TL
Let yourself be blown away with the refreshing scent of SO...? Fresh floral Body Mist 100ml. This delightful blend of peach blossom and peony flowers will let you enjoy the taste of summer no matter where you are.

SO…? Musk Body Mist 100ml

190,00  TL
Capture your radiance in a bottle with the SO...? Musk Body Mist 100ml. Its fresh notes of bergamot, sandalwood and powdery musk will leave you feeling empowered and feminine.

Avon Planet Spa Sleep Ritual Pillow Mist 100ml

350,00  TL
Drift off into a peaceful slumber with our Sleep Ritual Pillow Mist, now in a completely recyclable bottle (but please remove the pump first!). It’s infused with French lavender and chamomile essential oils for a relaxing aroma so you can catch those well-earned zzz's. Pillow Mist with a relaxing aroma. With French lavender and chamomile essential oils. Size: 100ml.

Avon Senses Simply Luxurious Body Mist 100ml

225,00  TL
Wrap yourself in the soothing scent of our Senses Simply Luxurious Body Mist: White Peach & Vanilla Orchid. Enriched with natural extracts, this body spray will envelop your skin in a luxurious aroma. Body mist infused with the scent of white peach and vanilla orchid. Enriched with natural extracts. Recyclable packaging (but please remove the pump first!). Part of the Senses Simply Luxurious collection. Size: 100ml.

Avon Senses Aloha Monoi Body Mist 100ML

225,00  TL
Relaxing and refreshing effect with coconut and tiare flower scent. Take your favourite scent with you wherever you go! Enriched with natural extracts Recyclable packaging Size: 100ml.

Avon Pur Blanca Perfumed Body Spray 100ML

299,00  TL
White freesia, ylang-ylang and white flowers. Size: 100ml.

Avon Little Black Dress Perfumed Body Spray 100ml

359,00  TL
Honeysuckle, Ylang-ylang and Milk tree wood. Size: 100ml.

Avon Incandessence Perfumed Body Spray

235,00  TL
Diamond orchid, white peony and freesia. Size: 100ml.

Avon Full Speed Body Spray 150ml

375,00  TL
Citrus, cardamom and cypress. Size: 150ml.

Avon Far Away Body Spray

295,00  TL
An intriguing exotic combination of sandalwood, jasmine and freesia notes. Size: 75ml.

Avon Célèbre Body Mist

359,00  TL
Water fruits, white peach and flowers. Size: 100ml.

Avon Cherish Body Mist

490,00  TL
Floral-fruity-woody. Fragrance for any occasion. Cherry blossom, musk, creamy sandalwood. Size: 100ml.