Avon Attraction Men’s Eau de Toilette

950,00  TL
Ginger root, musk and forest. Size: 75ml.

Avon Wild Country Eau de Toilette

575,00  TL
A sensual combination of delicate sandalwood with wild extracts of fresh lavender and geranium. Size: 75ml.

Avon TTA The Moment for Him Eau de Toilette 75ml

950,00  TL
Romantic neroli flowers, unforgettable lavender and enduring cedarwood. Size: 75ml.

Avon Today for Him Eau de Toilette

950,00  TL
Celebrate your love every day or for special occasions with this fresh and lasting fragrance featuring a contrasting blend of orange blossoms and Haitian vetiver. Size: 75ml.

Avon Passion Dance Eau de Toilette

499,00  TL
Papaya flower, black daffodil & bright amber. Size: 50ml.

Avon Musk Mineralis Eau de Toilette

590,00  TL
Musk Mineralis Eau de Toilette. Size: 75ml.

Avon Musk Marine Eau de Toilette

570,00  TL
Mint, lavender and oak moss. Size: 75ml.

Avon Musk Instinct Eau de Toilette 75ml

590,00  TL
Tropical rainforest notes, cedar leaves, patchouli. Size: 75ml.

Avon Maxime Icon Eau de Toilette for Him

1.150,00  TL
The olive tree, the symbol of victory, is designed to rise to perfection with cardamom and leather accords. Size: 75ml.

Avon Individual Blue Sunset Eau de Toilette

550,00  TL
Bergamot, Lavender and soft Musk. Size: 100ml.

Avon Individual Blue Eau de Toilette

575,00  TL
Bergamot, Lavender and soft Musk. Size: 100ml.

Avon Imari Eclipse Eau de Toilette Woman 50ml

645,00  TL
Tuberose essences, spicy pink pepper and long-lasting sandalwood. Chypre-Fruit-Flower. Size: 50ml.

Avon Full Speed Surfer Eau de Toilette

790,00  TL
Fresh ozone notes, mint and woody notes. Size: 75ml.

Avon Full Speed Quantum Eau de Toilette

1.250,00  TL
Ozone and dry amber combined with geranium and cedarwood essences. Size: 75ml.

Avon Full Speed Gamer Eau de Toilette

790,00  TL
My striking essence, which starts with a fresh and sparkling pink grapefruit, is mind-blowing. Powerful, while continuing with touches of rhubarb plant. It ends with Indonesian patchouli oil essence. Size: 75ml.

Avon Elite Gentleman in Black Eau de Toilette

775,00  TL
Show your charming elegance. Introducing the new, more refined look of the Elite Gentleman. Same perfume, in new style packaging… Calypsone*, Lavender & Black vetiver. *Calypsone™ is a technological ingredient that evokes nuances of juicy melon, citrus notes, sea and lily-of-the-valley. Size: 75ml.

Avon Elite Gentleman Eau de Toilette

790,00  TL
A perfume for a man who has everything, with charismatic notes of juniper enriched with rich cardamom and refined woods. Irresistible charm and style. Size: 75ml.

Avon Célèbre Fresh Eau de Toilette Sprey 50ml

590,00  TL
Limon, mandalina ve elmanın çiçeksi meyveli karışımı ile başlayan kokunun kalbinde vadi zambağı ve menekşe yaprakları dokunuşu hissedilirken, alt notalarında ise sandalağacı, misk ve kehribar esansı vurgulanıyor. Boyut: 50ml.

Avon Black Suede Secret Eau de Toilette 75ML

695,00  TL
A combination of fresh red apple, balsamic and creamy notes that make you feel the secret of confidence reveals sensuality, while velvety essences created by tonka bean and suede create a magnificent finish. Woody-Amber. Size: 75ml.

Avon Black Suede Eau de Toilette

695,00  TL
Woody notes, green herbs and leather. Size: 75ml.

Avon Maxime Eau de Toilette for Him

1.150,00  TL
Size: 50ml.

Avon Attraction Sensation Eau de Toilette Men

890,00  TL
Black pepper, Bulgarian lavender and dense leather. Size: 75ml.

Avon Attraction Desire Men’s Eau de Toilette

950,00  TL
Irresistible black cherry and seductive orris are finished with touches of amber that will leave you wanting more. Woody spicy. Size: 75ml.

Avon Attraction Intense Eau de Toilette Men 75ML

950,00  TL
Blackberry, musk and vanilla amber. Size: 75ml.

Avon Attraction Game Eau de Toilette Male 100ML

179,00  TL
Starting with a hot, spicy blend of pepper and cardamom, this fragrance, which has an intense chocolate and hypnotic accord in its essence, gains permanence with luxurious and sensual woods and creamy milk. Size: 100ml.

Avon Absolute Santal by Elite Gentleman Eau de Toilette

790,00  TL
Sandalwood wood, cardamom and violet leaves. Size: 50ml.