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Croci Gill’s Mink Oil Spray 150ml

160,00  TL
Croci Gill's Mink Oil Spray strengthens the coat, making it smooth, silky, soft and easy to comb. It has a pleasant aroma. Effective and addictive. Does not contain dangerous sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate. Contains only safe components. It has a premium packaging design. Gives wool silkiness and shine, removes static effect. Детальніше:

Croci Gill’s Dry Powder Shampoo 200gr

160,00  TL
Croci Gill's Dry Powder Shampoo is recommended for dry cleansing of the hair. Dry shampoo powder that is highly recommended for its anti-itching properties. It cleanses the hair even without water and makes it shiny and soft. Removes unpleasant odors and aromas. Ideal for animals that do not like water or even for sick or operated animals that you can not wash.